See your home purchase and mortgage in the context of your entire financial life.

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    Paula Cochran
    Mortgage Advisor
    NMLS 293930

    Our Mortgage Advisors help clients make effective financial decisions by showing them a new way of thinking about their mortgage – not just as a loan based on rates, ratios and guidelines, but as something with the potential to dramatically shift their financial situation now and into the future. During the mortgage process, our advisors show clients new ways of looking at affordability that take everything they care about into consideration.

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In a financial world that separates stock and bond investments from both personal and investment real estate, Opes Advisors offers an innovative alternative that pulls together every aspect of your financial life in a way that no other company does. Opes Advisors stands alone as a firm that brings together wealth management, real estate investments and mortgage services to take a holistic look at your fiscal health.

Your home purchase and mortgage are two of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. Our key difference is Opes Advantage, our unique software that lets you see your home and mortgage options in the context of everything else you care about and over different time horizons. Seeing your home and mortgage decisions in this way gives you confidence - even greater confidence than pre-approval alone.

Are you thinking about buying a home?

Our Mortgage Advisors do extensive work upfront to determine the best financing structure in each particular client situation. Through years of experience and industry knowledge, our advisors have the ability to anticipate and avoid potential obstacles, giving clients confidence and peace of mind throughout the process.

As a mortgage bank, Opes Advisors originates, underwrites, and funds loans with its own capital, maintaining control of the entire loan process. Opes Advisors offers a full-range of competitively-priced loan programs. We are knowledgeable in lender guidelines so we can match the best loan program to each client’s unique situation and needs. Our underwriters are experts in local markets and we fund loans in-house, so we maintain complete control of the process to ensure fast turn-times and a smooth loan process.

Paula Cochran can help you fulfill your dream by providing you with the complete information about home loans and also find the best mortgage options to suit your needs.

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